Fernet Dei Fratelli Loreto: the King of Amaros

Fernet dei Fratelli Loreto revitalizes the original fernet style liqueur recipes from the mid-1800s, with an eye toward contemporary palates. Fernet-style amari have long been celebrated throughout Europe and the Americas for their bracing bitterness: in contrast to overly sweet liqueurs, fernet’s minimally sweetened composition of herbs, barks, and spices leaves no room to hide. Our Fernet dei Fratelli Loreto is a family recipe handcrafted by an Italian distiller at Elixir artisanal distillery in Eugene, Oregon with assistance from his brother who still lives in their hometown of Florence, Italy. Together, the brothers have gathered the world’s finest Pacific Northwestern and European botanicals to craft an authentic fernet of surprising aromatic nuance and bold herbaceous and floral notes. Fernet dei Fratelli Loreto¬†can be enjoyed straight as an after-dinner digestif , in espresso, or as an inventive addition in many cocktails